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A new way to find free icons in a fun, simple and fast way for your projects. — just you and your creative work 😎

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A new way to work!

17 wholesome months. That’s how long it took us to gather all your most-used icons in one place. Meet BlendIcons, your favorite icons platform.

The perfect free icons app

Focus is everything.

With BlendIcons, you can plug into a flow of creative work. Enjoy elegant, clean, monochrome and colored icons from one central place. No more tons of low-quality, pixelated icons. Every icon styled the way you want for the project you choose.

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The perfect free icons app

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Unearth a treasure trove of icons handpicked by our expert team, showcasing new additions and beloved classics. Explore numerous sections of icons to find the perfect visual companion for your projects.

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Super fast work!

Experience lightning-fast searching and seamless pasting onto any application. It’s super-quick work without missing a beat.

Editable icon strokes.

Customize SVG strokes and shapes to any of our icons with your favorite apps like Figma, Adobe, Sketch, and more.

The perfect app to download custom free vector icons

Yes this free :)

Boost your creativity with our incredible collection of high-quality icons. Be inspired to do more great work. All at zero costs.

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