At BlendIcons, we believe in the power of design and accessibility.
That's why we offer a vast collection of high-quality icons that you can download and use for free, inspiring your creative endeavors.

βœ… Free Download and Design Freedom: All icons on BlendIcons are available for free download.

βœ… Versatile Usage: From websites and mobile apps to presentations and print materials, BlendIcons has you covered.

βœ… No Permission Needed, Appreciation Encouraged: While permission isn't required to use our icons, attributing BlendIcons in your designs help us continue to provide free resources to the design community.

What's not allowed πŸ‘Ž

🚫 Unauthorized Sale: You may not sell our icons as they are without making significant modifications.

🚫 Replicating or Competing Services: Creating a similar or competing service by compiling BlendIcons icons is not permitted.
We value the originality and integrity of our platform.

Experience the BlendIcons Difference:

BlendIcons grants you a valuable and nonexclusive license to freely download, modify, and use our icons for your design projects.
We empower you to explore your creativity and enhance your visual creations with our vast icon library.