Why us

Why blend icons?
We’ve always been passionate about icons. Though our individual experiences differed, one thing was common: we interfaced a lot with designs, and we knew icons eased the creative and design process.

However, we realized that icons weren’t accessible to designers from various backgrounds. Available options were either limited in what they offered or required a premium, pocket-breaking subscription.

Hence, we decided to combine our experience and knowledge to create BlendIcons - a collection of premium icons. We leveraged several years of skills and experience to create over 200K different icons in 10 years.

BlendIcons creation process:

  • Researching and understanding the varieties of icons the industry needs.
  • Choosing the grid size. We support the two famous grids: the 10px, 16px and 24px.
    Also, the icons can support any designer and developer.
  • Creating lists with all the categories for the icons pack and lists for future icons.
  • Sketching the icons and then drawing them.
  • Creating lots of versions and removing the icons that did not meet our standards.
  • Implementing numerous file types such as SVG, PNG, PDF, HTML, JSX, CSS, and Base64.
  • Reviewing the entire pack to make sure they are all perfect. Finally, add keywords to each image.

It was a long journey but we are extremely happy with our final product.

We believe that these packs of icons will be valuable to designers across the globe.
We are excited to see you implement these in one of your designs.

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout-out whenever you share a design that includes one of our icons.

We’re rooting for your success.
Blendicons team 🫶